The next generation of spacecraft taking humans to low Earth orbit is nearing the final stages of development.  Although firm dates are posted on NASA’s Commercial Crew Program website, a current NASA Safety Panel says it might be too soon to schedule the crewed flights.  NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel says it’s possible to “project a realistic timeframe” for uncrewed flights, however it is not possible to predict a realistic timeframe for crewed missions until successful uncrewed missions are conducted.

On the commercial side, Boing is diligently producing three Starliner Spacecraft inside NASA’s Kennedy Space Center while SpaceX continues to push forward with their six Crew Dragon modules in various stages of construction and testing.

Although the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel believes it is impractical to nail down a firm schedule, NASA published their test flight schedule as follows:

Targeted Test Flight Dates:
Boeing Orbital Flight Test (uncrewed): late 2018 / early 2019
Boeing Crew Flight Test (crewed): mid-2019
SpaceX Demo-1 (uncrewed): November 2018
SpaceX Demo-2 (crewed): April 2019

For more information on the status of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, visit their webpage here: